LTA Lufttechnik: Manufacturer of electrostatic precipitators

LTA Lufttechnik is your tried and tested partner for complete solutions in the field of air purification. LTA Lufttechnik develops and produces electrostatic precipitators or ESPs abreast of the very latest developments. They are used in wide-ranging machine tools, grinding machines, machining centers, lathes, milling machines, coolant systems, welding systems, hardening plants, spark erosion machines and so on. The environmentally friendly electrostatic precipitation and filtration methods used have been continuously further developed and improved.

Electrostatic precipitators can be configured for exhaust or recirculating air operation. In the metalworking and processing industry, ESPs are used in particular for the extraction and filtration of aerosols comprising cooling lubricants and abraded particles.

The plants are available in the form of individual, group or central extraction systems. ESPs can also be used as a hall recirculating air solution wherever predominantly open machines are used. ESPs are used as original equipment in a wide range of machine tools from renowned manufacturers in the automotive industry, as well as in small and medium-sized enterprises for retrofitting existing machines.

ESPs are generally supplied at short notice.

More about ESPs and about LTA Lufttechnik is available here...



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